My hard drives died…..

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Date : July 29, 2009
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I was busy moving at the beginning of this month. Before I moved, both of my PC and Mac died. My mac couldn’t load the OS and my PC restarted almost every 10 mins because of the hot weather. So I bought a new Dell XPS system with i7 cpu 6G memory and a ATI Radeon HD 4670 card. Good deal: Dell XPS 435T (but mine is little cheaper than this price)

I planned to move my old HD from my old system to the new system … but my new Dell couldn’t recognize them. So I put them in my external enclosure cases, one IDE one SATA.. and connected them….. THEN……. I SAW SMOKE COMING OUT FROM THE CASE!!!!! OMG!!!! BOTH OF MY HDs GOT BURNED UP!!!!!!! Those 2 HDs have all of my design files in the past 10 years and all of my photos from 1997 – 2009! Because it’s huge so I didn’t spend time to back up those files…. (coz DVDs aren’t big enough for those files..)…… After did a lot of research on the web and I realized that maybe it’s just the PCB boards burned up…. and all of my datas are still recoverable. So I was not that panic after I did my research. But it costs money. After searching on the web and found a data recovery company in Canada… they gave me a quote that $1000 for 2 HDs which is already a lot cheaper than other data recovery services. = = As a poor Art Center student with student loan… this is a lot of money to me… but it seems that I have no choice….

Yesterday I sent my seagate HD to Seagate’s data recovery service and hope that they can fix it for free (coz my seagate HD is the one with firmware problems…and a lot of ppl’s HD died…). If they give me an expensive quote, I will send both drives to Canada…. wish me luck Crying