My co-worker

Category : Digital Painting
Date : April 12, 2012
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A quick painting of my co-worker. We have founded this Drawing Club at work and it’s a great motivation for me to do sketches and paintings.
Plus I just got a new Cintiq24HD few days ago ~ the painting experience is different and it’s really funnn!!
This is more a warm up piece since I haven’t painted any personal projects for a while XD. I will do more.

What you looking at?

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SD WAN Solutions and Providers

Category : Digital Painting
Date : December 11, 2011
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For SDN network security , using SD WAN solutions and provides can be a great option for this purpose. The best part is that you’ll never need to think about SD WAN. Everything you need to connect your SD-WAN solution is available from the box. Some examples of these vendors include: Siemens Comodo NanoRacks IOSage RouterBoard Network Solutions Some SD WAN providers will focus their solutions on connecting your server or network to a local network. You’ll be able to run a single service on this network, like FTP or SSH, from any device connected to this network and there are also providers in sites such as You can even set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN), where your server and your network can share the same network, which will allow you to access your server from anywhere in the world. If you need help connecting your SD-WAN, the best place to start is with the router, which has an extensive list of available services. The official SD-WAN SDK will provide you with an overview of all the features and their functionality. SD-WAN is a flexible and affordable solution that allows you to use your home router to give your network the bandwidth it needs. The main difference between the two networks, however, is that WAN-LAN is designed for home networks and LAN-WAN is designed for small to medium business networks. The SD-WAN network can provide a similar level of network performance to that of the router, but in a much more economical way. QoS With SD-WAN you can configure different priority levels for different types of traffic. For example, if you are using a DSL router, you can create different networks for each of your clients. You can also configure different QoS (Quality of Service) rules. This is what you want to use to optimize your network performance. Wireless LAN SD-WAN is a wireless network. Therefore you should consider how your network will handle wireless packets and if you will be using QoS. In order to make a network, you must create a Wireless network configuration file (Wireless Network). You can create a Wireless network on the client PC or on the server PC. If you want to have more than one network on the server PC, you need to create a second network with a name that represents the network and the address. For example: and

Accident Claims studies

Date : February 20, 2011
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Experts can provide critical insight to your accident and subsequent damages.

To give you an idea, we analyzed 6,600,000 claims from accident claims in 2014.

This includes:

3,981,000 claims involving injury to an individual (non-business/non-car) from injury to another person

3,025,000 claims involving property damage, from injury to another person

1,982,000 claims with no personal injury claims (no personal injury claims include: an automobile collision, a passenger injury, etc.)

This means the average claim was $9,662, with average damages of $15,900.

This should be worrisome to anyone that believes that the government is always right.

Federal judge John M. Facciola recently said in a series of articles that:

“The loss for any one party in the U.S. could easily exceed the cost of the damage caused by a single defective product, or even a group of defective products. With their most basic infrastructure in ruins, civil society will soon descend into a regime of involuntary servitude.”

This is the opposite of what the government tells us:

“We have confidence in government because our system is the only one that allows citizens to see the goods of the enterprise they support directly. And, as the system has evolved, government has learned how to apply those goods to the problem of organized crime, which still faces well-resourced opposition and sophisticated countermeasures. Consequently, those who have exposed government policies, whether in foreign policy or social policy, often have a higher standard of proof and evidence required to demonstrate a violation of their rights than to gain admission to an academic seminar or public function.”

In this case, since so many people have been injured or their property has been damaged by “damaged automobiles” you can bet that federal judges like Facciola will be considering evidence more objectively, while also getting legal help from this page when accidents happens.

There are many people involved in automobiles that cannot be categorized as innocent victims of the crash. These people include insurance companies, vehicle manufacturers, dealers, government employees, public officials, and those involved in the training and maintenance of automobiles.

Once a court makes a finding about fault in a case, they typically require proof that all of the following:

1) Damage was not caused by an unforeseeable cause

2) The nature of the car crash was determined by expert evidence

3) There is no reasonable alternative that would have prevented the crash

4) The damages were attributable to the parties’ negligence

5) The amount of damages was in excess of the statutory minimum

6) Damages were in excess of that pertain to ordinary negligence

7) The damages were not egregious

8) The damages caused by the car or driver do not exceed the sums that are allowable under statutes

This number is constantly being revised based on new scientific discoveries and new interpretation of existing laws. It can vary in cases that involve serious personal injuries or property damage that were not caused by an “unforeseeable” cause.

The law usually awards “economic damages” to compensate for the financial losses that persons suffer. These losses, which are typically determined by using a range of insurance rates, include things like lost wages, health care expenses, depreciation of the car, lost sleep, etc. If you lived to tell about it, you would be happy that you had insurance to solve this.

Spirited Away – Background paintings

Date : June 8, 2010
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Two background paintings I did for the Spirited Away redesign project 🙂
Trying to be flat and 2D 😛

Here are the process before the final paintings…

Background 01
Value study

Color study (Acrylic)

Final digital painting (Photoshop)

Background 02

Value Study
Final digital painting (Photoshop)

Here is an extra props redesign – herbal bath chips
Inspired by the Japanese family logos.


The story of Mazu

Date : March 2, 2010
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Another project that I am working on is the story of Mazu, Chinese goddess of the sea.
The story is about Mazu’s childhood as a girl with superpower and how she met her guardians “Thousand Miles Eye (千里眼)” and “With-the-Wind Ear (順風耳)”

This will be developed into short flash animation ….when I have enough time. 😛
Before the animation development this will be in flat and graphic style illustration done with Flash.

Poster/Cover of the story (will revise it after I get my teacher’s feedback)

3 Characters design of the Mazu story

Mazu – childhood

Thousand miles eye

With-the-wind ear

Props and background are still under development.

In class digital painting

Category : Digital Painting
Date : April 4, 2009
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This is yesterday’s in class painting
my mac was out of space so my photoshop keeps crashing~ that’s why I didn’t get my painting done >

and other parts are just quick block ins =___=

In class digital painting

Category : Digital Painting
Date : March 26, 2009
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Our instructor used red and green lights as the setting so we had to figure out how to use the colors and how to paint the dark/light sides since the light sides were on both side.

Digital Landscape Live Painting

Category : Digital Painting
Date : October 15, 2007
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These are in class live paintings.
We had to bring our laptop, wacom tablet, and folding chair to go to different places to paint every week. It was a fun class (except when we went to a park where has no food and water and even no shading :P)

Brand Library

Descanso Park

Downtown (painted from Chinatown)

Millard Canyon