Spirited Away – Background paintings

Date : June 8, 2010
Comments :

Two background paintings I did for the Spirited Away redesign project πŸ™‚
Trying to be flat and 2D πŸ˜›

Here are the process before the final paintings…

Background 01
Value study

Color study (Acrylic)

Final digital painting (Photoshop)

Background 02

Value Study
Final digital painting (Photoshop)

Here is an extra props redesign – herbal bath chips
Inspired by the Japanese family logos.


Adidas commercial – matte painting

Category : Environment
Date : February 11, 2010
Comments :

I had worked on a commercial project last term with a film student Gevorg – a talented 21 years old director. XD He has an awesome sfx team and he showed me some of the fx in progress ~ I think it’s awesome so I joined their team and helped developing the background for the commercial.

Spent about 3~4 weeks on the modern city background and here is the end result. It’s really awesome and I feel honored to be part of this project. πŸ™‚ They are working on the sfx break down video and they will post it online later.

Adidas Commercial from Gevorg Karapetyan on Vimeo.

Environment (experimental)

Category : Environment
Date : April 14, 2009
Comments :

This is an experimental (happy accident) project.
The technique was from our department chair Scott Robertson.
He asked us to use a custom brush (any kind with interesting shapes) and messed around. Then zoom in and use your imagination to find interesting shapes and composition.
I made it too complicated so this was the only one that I think it’s workable.

then I was trying to learn Sparth style ~ but I think I still need to improve my environment painting skills .__.

I haven’t taken any environment classes yet >

Environment master copy

Category : Environment
Date : September 21, 2008
Comments :

This is a quick master copy so the porpotion is not the same as the original one ~
so I am not putting the original one here so that my master copy looks better haha
the original work is also from the Korean artist of paperblue.net website.

Environment practice

Category : Environment
Date : August 22, 2008
Comments : (2)

We need to do a painting for our environment design class ~
I did the base design referencing crabs photos and I was trying to learn and copy a Korean concept artist Jaecheol Park’s composition/style/colors/lighting.
You can check out his website: http://www.paperblue.net/

The foreground needs to add some colors….I m gonna fix it ……later =v=