Date : March 25, 2011
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I have been working for Evite’s invitation design since Nov 2010 and I love it. I get all the freedom to do illustrations and graphic design on any theme they assigned. The art director usually approves my design right away or only asks for minor tweaks. So I have been experimenting different styles on different themes and he has no problem with it 😛 and I just got the second assignment contract to sign!

They are asking me to do more styles like hand-drawn illustrations rather than just doing typography with text… so I just played with it… )

Here are some of the designs I did: (all the images are linked to the evite.com invitation page)





Accident Claims studies

Date : February 20, 2011
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Experts can provide critical insight to your accident and subsequent damages.

To give you an idea, we analyzed 6,600,000 claims from accident claims in 2014.

This includes:

3,981,000 claims involving injury to an individual (non-business/non-car) from injury to another person

3,025,000 claims involving property damage, from injury to another person

1,982,000 claims with no personal injury claims (no personal injury claims include: an automobile collision, a passenger injury, etc.)

This means the average claim was $9,662, with average damages of $15,900.

This should be worrisome to anyone that believes that the government is always right.

Federal judge John M. Facciola recently said in a series of articles that:

“The loss for any one party in the U.S. could easily exceed the cost of the damage caused by a single defective product, or even a group of defective products. With their most basic infrastructure in ruins, civil society will soon descend into a regime of involuntary servitude.”

This is the opposite of what the government tells us:

“We have confidence in government because our system is the only one that allows citizens to see the goods of the enterprise they support directly. And, as the system has evolved, government has learned how to apply those goods to the problem of organized crime, which still faces well-resourced opposition and sophisticated countermeasures. Consequently, those who have exposed government policies, whether in foreign policy or social policy, often have a higher standard of proof and evidence required to demonstrate a violation of their rights than to gain admission to an academic seminar or public function.”

In this case, since so many people have been injured or their property has been damaged by “damaged automobiles” you can bet that federal judges like Facciola will be considering evidence more objectively, while also getting legal help from this page when accidents happens.

There are many people involved in automobiles that cannot be categorized as innocent victims of the crash. These people include insurance companies, vehicle manufacturers, dealers, government employees, public officials, and those involved in the training and maintenance of automobiles.

Once a court makes a finding about fault in a case, they typically require proof that all of the following:

1) Damage was not caused by an unforeseeable cause

2) The nature of the car crash was determined by expert evidence

3) There is no reasonable alternative that would have prevented the crash

4) The damages were attributable to the parties’ negligence

5) The amount of damages was in excess of the statutory minimum

6) Damages were in excess of that pertain to ordinary negligence

7) The damages were not egregious

8) The damages caused by the car or driver do not exceed the sums that are allowable under statutes

This number is constantly being revised based on new scientific discoveries and new interpretation of existing laws. It can vary in cases that involve serious personal injuries or property damage that were not caused by an “unforeseeable” cause.

The law usually awards “economic damages” to compensate for the financial losses that persons suffer. These losses, which are typically determined by using a range of insurance rates, include things like lost wages, health care expenses, depreciation of the car, lost sleep, etc. If you lived to tell about it, you would be happy that you had insurance to solve this.

My 3rd piece for the show

Category : Illustration
Date : December 16, 2009
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This is the 3rd piece that I submitted for the “Gifted Artist” show on 12/19. It’s made with felt. ^^

This show will be awesome because I will get to be in the same show with all of my favorite artists!!!

These are the contributing artists:
Alex Leon, Alina Chau, Angie Hu, Aurian Redson, Bonnie Lui, Bill Perkins, Brian Yam, Bruce Smith, Chad Morgan, Charlie Wen, Chris Ayers, Chris Appelhans, Christian Narcordo, David Colman, Dean Yeagle, Derek Kosol, Erik Martin, Eunjung June Kim, Elisa Takagi, Floyd Norman, Gerald Dedios, Glen Keane, Glen Vilppu, Grace Lee, Greg K Smith, Iain McCaig, Jackson Sze, Justin Gerard, Kate Burgess, Katy Wu, Kelly Light, Lesley Vamos, Ken Kinoshita, Kohei Nakajima, Lorelay Bove, Lou Romano, Lubomir Arsov, Martin Hsu, Marshall Vandruff, Mark Henn, Mike Hernadez, Molly Hahn, Morgan Sheffield, Pascal Campion, Peter De Seve, Scott Seeto, Sho Murase, Rick Caughman, Robh Ruppel. Rona Liu, Roque Ballesteros, Shaun Tan, Stephen Silver, Sunny Apinchapong, Tara Rueping, Traci Honda, Uwe Heidschoetter, Vivian Nguyen, Victoria Ying.

This is the show flyer:

Dec. 19th 2009
12467 Baseline Rd.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729

My pets

Category : Illustration
Date : October 8, 2009
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I have 2 birds and 1 cat
My cat’s name is Miney 🙂

My birds’ names are Kiwi (darker mask) & Tomato (lighter mask)

(by Painter)

Fashion illustration – 80s illustration style

Category : Illustration
Date : April 4, 2009
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80s illustration style is about very wide shoulder but small hips which creates the triangle shapes.
Our instructor found a model whose body also looks triangle (big belly but thin legs) XD
too bad he didn’t do many interesting poses ~ most of his poses were the same…
so I picked 2 better ones I did….

Fashion illustration – 60s illustration style

Category : Illustration
Date : March 30, 2009
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These are in class digital paintings with 60s illustration style.
Although it’s more illustration stuff but I really enjoyed doing it! I didn’t even go to break when everybody left already….

Play with composition, colors and pattern.

Another characteristic of 60s illustration style is zero gravity.

fun fun fun and the model was great 🙂

Fashion illustration

Category : Illustration
Date : March 22, 2009
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It’s my first time to try out some fashion illustration techniques.
It’s so fun!!! I really love doing it with pen and ink ~
The model was great ~ she could do all the poses showing S curves.
Too bad that I didn’t have the right brushes to draw ~ so that my line quality was not as smooth as I expected (I was using Chinese calligraphy brushes) .

Image and idea – poet

Category : Illustration
Date : September 26, 2007
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These are my 3 rough ideas for my illustration “Poet” (temp title)
We need to draw an illustration based on a sentense or a paragraph.
Mine is:
Walking near the pond, bent down, the ballpoint pen on the chest jumps into the water, and then a black rose floats.

I chose the 3rd one.