My graduation show project -Mazu

Date : January 24, 2011
Comments :

Hi guys ~ sorry for the late update.

Finally I graduated from Art Center!!!! (After…switching majors from graphic design → illustration → Entertainment Arts → Entertainment Design…. what a journey!!!!)

Usually in our Entertainment Design department, most students do visual development projects in sci-fi and featured film style, but I really wanted to do something different. Something I enjoy doing too! So I picked the Mazu project.

My teacher Christian Scheurer said my style is fresh and unique for Ent Design department. I was reaaaally happy to hear that ^^ (coz I wasn’t really sure if doing a complete different style than everybody else was the right thing to do or not…)

Below is my project poster (inspired by Tibetan Thangka). You may have seen my older version in my blog but this is the finalized one. 🙂 I actually changed all the characters’ look and also refined the background.

Characters line up

main characters
3char 2char

Props, houses, trees

Fighting scene

and the location
I like this location painting a lot! This is done after researching and referencing traditional Chinese paintings and it’s compositions. I got a lot of good feedbacks on this painting at the show too 🙂

I actually did some few sec animated loop characters and scenes… will post them later.

Spirited Away – Background paintings

Date : June 8, 2010
Comments :

Two background paintings I did for the Spirited Away redesign project 🙂
Trying to be flat and 2D 😛

Here are the process before the final paintings…

Background 01
Value study

Color study (Acrylic)

Final digital painting (Photoshop)

Background 02

Value Study
Final digital painting (Photoshop)

Here is an extra props redesign – herbal bath chips
Inspired by the Japanese family logos.


The story of Mazu

Date : March 2, 2010
Comments :

Another project that I am working on is the story of Mazu, Chinese goddess of the sea.
The story is about Mazu’s childhood as a girl with superpower and how she met her guardians “Thousand Miles Eye (千里眼)” and “With-the-Wind Ear (順風耳)”

This will be developed into short flash animation ….when I have enough time. 😛
Before the animation development this will be in flat and graphic style illustration done with Flash.

Poster/Cover of the story (will revise it after I get my teacher’s feedback)

3 Characters design of the Mazu story

Mazu – childhood

Thousand miles eye

With-the-wind ear

Props and background are still under development.

Monster Mountain

Date : February 1, 2010
Comments :

monstermountain A scene painting for the Monster Mountain story I wrote 2 years ago…
This is the moment when the boy meets baby monsters. 😛

This is not the final version yet… since I got some feedback from my instructor, I am gonna do little more improvement to make this piece more completed. 🙂

Visual Development

Date : October 16, 2007
Comments :

This story is Alex in wonderland.
It’s based on the story Alice in wonderland, but I changed Alice to a boy and the rabbit is a girl.
The boy Alex chases the rabbit girl into a tree hole and enter a different world.

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