Golden Gate bridge Panorama

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Date : June 8, 2009
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I went to SF during weekend ~ and we visited LucasArts, Pixar, and EA in 2 days 😀 A lot of thanks to my friends who showed me and my classmates around in the office ^O^ this was a great short trip!!!! and SF is beautiful!!! I loved it!
Took this golden gate br panorama pix at the view point


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Date : May 6, 2009
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I am in my spring break now…..
let me take a break
(well this is just an excuse for being lazy XD)

I have registered 3 classes at Concept Design Academy again this summer.
I will post more stuff when classes begin 😛 (it will be in June).

So just let me being a super otaku for now (eat, sleep, play games, watch anime and read comics).


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Date : July 22, 2007
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First post.

This blog will be my English blog, and publishing my artworks.