Matte Painting for ADIDAS – Conquer

This is a school project with a film major friend Gevorg Karensky.


2010 Published in IdN v17n3 – Eco Graphics Issue
2010 Winner Silver Telly Award
2010 Featured in Siggraph 2010
2011 AICP Show Shortlisted
2011 Winner Gold Addy Award

Director: Gevorg Karensky
Producers: Romson Niega, Tom Lee, Francis Pollara
Director of Photography: Jeremy Lundborg
Production Design: Julie Chen
Editor: CJ Miller
Visual Effects Supervisor: Art Bagdasaryan
RealFlow consultant: Attila Zalanyi
Rotoscope: JV Pike, Seth Donald
Matte Painting: Angie Hu
Compositing: Art Bagdasaryan, Gevorg Karensky
Color Grading: Henry Santos, Nate Tam
Sound Design: Gavin Little

Special Thanks:
La Canada Unified School District