More Mazu characters sketches

Category : Character
Date : October 25, 2010
Comments :
I am doing further development on my Mazu project ~
(you can read about Mazu’s story here )
have revised the characters a bit and did a lot of sketches on gestures and facial expressions.
Here are some of the sketches 😛 Plan not to show them all since this project is gonna be shown at my grad show on Dec 18th.

Mazu – she is a quiet character, that’s also her Chinese name “mo-niang”(silent girl) came from. So I tend not to show a lot of opened mouth expressions.

Big eye demon (Thousand Miles Eye 千里įœž) – he is a naughty guardian, loves to laugh and trick people.

Ear demon (With-the-wind Ear 順éĒĻč€ģ) – He is always sleepy and pissed but he does his best to be Mazu’s guardian.

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