My 3rd piece for the show

Category : Illustration
Date : December 16, 2009
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This is the 3rd piece that I submitted for the “Gifted Artist” show on 12/19. It’s made with felt. ^^

This show will be awesome because I will get to be in the same show with all of my favorite artists!!!

These are the contributing artists:
Alex Leon, Alina Chau, Angie Hu, Aurian Redson, Bonnie Lui, Bill Perkins, Brian Yam, Bruce Smith, Chad Morgan, Charlie Wen, Chris Ayers, Chris Appelhans, Christian Narcordo, David Colman, Dean Yeagle, Derek Kosol, Erik Martin, Eunjung June Kim, Elisa Takagi, Floyd Norman, Gerald Dedios, Glen Keane, Glen Vilppu, Grace Lee, Greg K Smith, Iain McCaig, Jackson Sze, Justin Gerard, Kate Burgess, Katy Wu, Kelly Light, Lesley Vamos, Ken Kinoshita, Kohei Nakajima, Lorelay Bove, Lou Romano, Lubomir Arsov, Martin Hsu, Marshall Vandruff, Mark Henn, Mike Hernadez, Molly Hahn, Morgan Sheffield, Pascal Campion, Peter De Seve, Scott Seeto, Sho Murase, Rick Caughman, Robh Ruppel. Rona Liu, Roque Ballesteros, Shaun Tan, Stephen Silver, Sunny Apinchapong, Tara Rueping, Traci Honda, Uwe Heidschoetter, Vivian Nguyen, Victoria Ying.

This is the show flyer:

Dec. 19th 2009
12467 Baseline Rd.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729

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