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Date : October 8, 2009
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I am doing character design for a Visual Development class~
Our instructor is Paul Lasaine and his stuff is AWESOME! You guys should check it out.

I am not done with my character development yet but I just wanna post something since I have a long time didn’t post anything new 🙂

We are doing visual development based on a story that our instructor Paul wrote. fortunately I was able to get a cheap drawing tablet for designers like me when I started the career.
So this is my character design for the captian (the father) in the story.
His personality is serious, responsible, and organized (neat freak? :P) So the shape of the character is SQUARE.

some facial expression sketches

This was rendered within an hour… (photoshop) … so I call it a “quick rendering(painting)”
I guess I work faster now… thanks to Art Center hell training = =|||

However, I am still exploring the art style I want to use.
I want to try something different this time… but I couldn’t help myself to add more details when I did this rendering. I am gonna do a really flat and 2D style for this character and see how it will turn out. 🙂

So I will keep this for myself 🙂

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