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Social Network rules……

Category : Works
Date : March 24, 2013
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I am focusing on my Facebook fan page more now and also my newly created Tumblr (still to see how ppl react on Tumblr).

Feel free to drop by my Facebook fan page:

and my Tumblr

and my Instagram
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My co-worker

Category : Digital Painting
Date : April 12, 2012
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A quick painting of my co-worker. We have founded this Drawing Club at work and it’s a great motivation for me to do sketches and paintings.
Plus I just got a new Cintiq24HD few days ago ~ the painting experience is different and it’s really funnn!!
This is more a warm up piece since I haven’t painted any personal projects for a while XD. I will do more.

What you looking at?

(click link to page to leave comments if you donno where to click XD)

SD WAN Solutions and Providers

Category : Digital Painting
Date : December 11, 2011
Comments :

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Date : March 25, 2011
Comments :

I have been working for Evite’s invitation design since Nov 2010 and I love it. I get all the freedom to do illustrations and graphic design on any theme they assigned. The art director usually approves my design right away or only asks for minor tweaks. So I have been experimenting different styles on different themes and he has no problem with it 😛 and I just got the second assignment contract to sign!

They are asking me to do more styles like hand-drawn illustrations rather than just doing typography with text… so I just played with it… )

Here are some of the designs I did: (all the images are linked to the invitation page)





My Neopets works

Category : Vehicle and Prop
Date : March 17, 2011
Comments :

I keep forgetting to post my neopets (Nickelodeon Virtual World) works that I did when I was doing internship at the end of 2009. (Since these were online in 2010 so I can include them in my portfolio XD)

Here are some of the isometric furnitures





Gift boxes

and creepy food for Halloween

and a green hat for all the characters…

Accident Claims studies

Date : February 20, 2011
Comments : (1)

Experts can provide critical insight to your accident and subsequent damages.

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This includes:

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1,982,000 claims with no personal injury claims (no personal injury claims include: an automobile collision, a passenger injury, etc.)

This means the average claim was $9,662, with average damages of $15,900.

This should be worrisome to anyone that believes that the government is always right.

Federal judge John M. Facciola recently said in a series of articles that:

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This is the opposite of what the government tells us:

“We have confidence in government because our system is the only one that allows citizens to see the goods of the enterprise they support directly. And, as the system has evolved, government has learned how to apply those goods to the problem of organized crime, which still faces well-resourced opposition and sophisticated countermeasures. Consequently, those who have exposed government policies, whether in foreign policy or social policy, often have a higher standard of proof and evidence required to demonstrate a violation of their rights than to gain admission to an academic seminar or public function.”

In this case, since so many people have been injured or their property has been damaged by “damaged automobiles” you can bet that federal judges like Facciola will be considering evidence more objectively, while also getting legal help from this page when accidents happens.

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1) Damage was not caused by an unforeseeable cause

2) The nature of the car crash was determined by expert evidence

3) There is no reasonable alternative that would have prevented the crash

4) The damages were attributable to the parties’ negligence

5) The amount of damages was in excess of the statutory minimum

6) Damages were in excess of that pertain to ordinary negligence

7) The damages were not egregious

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‎2011.02.13 on location B&W gouache painting at Eaton Canyon Park

Category : Paintings
Date : February 14, 2011
Comments :
I am taking a landscape painting class @ Concept Design Academy with Jackson Sze.
Coz I have been thinking about doing more painting practices w/ traditional media for a while and also painting on locations but I don’t feel that comfortable doing it… (I’m shy XD) So by taking this class… it’s a goof way to force myself doing it ~ ha.
Here are two B&W gouache paintings for our first on location painting class.

I spent longer time on the first one (1.5~2hrs) ~ I did it slow since it’s my first traditional medium painting for the past…. 3+ yrs?

Didn’t spend much time on the 2nd one (less than 1 hr) I think this one is just ok ~:P

I guess I will force myself to do more on location paintings just for fun and for building the mileage (and also to train myself not to be shy if I paint alone XD).

My graduation show project -Mazu

Date : January 24, 2011
Comments :

Hi guys ~ sorry for the late update.

Finally I graduated from Art Center!!!! (After…switching majors from graphic design → illustration → Entertainment Arts → Entertainment Design…. what a journey!!!!)

Usually in our Entertainment Design department, most students do visual development projects in sci-fi and featured film style, but I really wanted to do something different. Something I enjoy doing too! So I picked the Mazu project.

My teacher Christian Scheurer said my style is fresh and unique for Ent Design department. I was reaaaally happy to hear that ^^ (coz I wasn’t really sure if doing a complete different style than everybody else was the right thing to do or not…)

Below is my project poster (inspired by Tibetan Thangka). You may have seen my older version in my blog but this is the finalized one. 🙂 I actually changed all the characters’ look and also refined the background.

Characters line up

main characters
3char 2char

Props, houses, trees

Fighting scene

and the location
I like this location painting a lot! This is done after researching and referencing traditional Chinese paintings and it’s compositions. I got a lot of good feedbacks on this painting at the show too 🙂

I actually did some few sec animated loop characters and scenes… will post them later.

More Mazu characters sketches

Category : Character
Date : October 25, 2010
Comments :
I am doing further development on my Mazu project ~
(you can read about Mazu’s story here )
have revised the characters a bit and did a lot of sketches on gestures and facial expressions.
Here are some of the sketches 😛 Plan not to show them all since this project is gonna be shown at my grad show on Dec 18th.

Mazu – she is a quiet character, that’s also her Chinese name “mo-niang”(silent girl) came from. So I tend not to show a lot of opened mouth expressions.

Big eye demon (Thousand Miles Eye 千里眼) – he is a naughty guardian, loves to laugh and trick people.

Ear demon (With-the-wind Ear 順風耳) – He is always sleepy and pissed but he does his best to be Mazu’s guardian.