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Category : Character
Date : October 11, 2010
Comments :
I am taking a zbrush class with Bryan Wynia at Concept Design Academy.
Because my previous Character Design teacher Neville Page (he is the creature designer of Avatar, Watchman, and Startrek…) told me in class that I got the talent of doing sculpture with tiny details! (so glad to hear it) He said maybe I should keep working with clay or learn zbrush.
Plus ~ I am into character design and toy design stuff and I saw some 3D printing companies and services presentations at SIGGRAPH this year. It seems like the 3D printing machines and services are getting cheaper 😀 (check out this site: you can upload your zbrush model and select the materials, they will print it for you and you can even sell it on their website.)
So I think it’s time to learn zbrush 🙂 !!
The program is really amazing~ It makes 3D modeling a LOT easier (I have learned basic Maya and 3D max before). It’s just like working with clay!!!
My 1st project is to do a serpent man model and then do 10 sketches in photoshop.
To be honest~ I am totally not a scary monster/creature person XD I love to do cute stuff.
So my sketches turn out to be a “serpent woman” not a man~ hahahaa
My teacher Bryan said this is looking feminine but it’s ok… serpent man needs a serpent woman ~ lol.
Anyway I am here to learn the program so please don’t mind that I might make everything girly. XD
Here are my 10 sketches using the zbrush model I made.
and these are my references (ewwww)

Spirited Away – Background paintings

Date : June 8, 2010
Comments :

Two background paintings I did for the Spirited Away redesign project 🙂
Trying to be flat and 2D 😛

Here are the process before the final paintings…

Background 01
Value study

Color study (Acrylic)

Final digital painting (Photoshop)

Background 02

Value Study
Final digital painting (Photoshop)

Here is an extra props redesign – herbal bath chips
Inspired by the Japanese family logos.


The story of Mazu

Date : March 2, 2010
Comments :

Another project that I am working on is the story of Mazu, Chinese goddess of the sea.
The story is about Mazu’s childhood as a girl with superpower and how she met her guardians “Thousand Miles Eye (千里眼)” and “With-the-Wind Ear (順風耳)”

This will be developed into short flash animation ….when I have enough time. 😛
Before the animation development this will be in flat and graphic style illustration done with Flash.

Poster/Cover of the story (will revise it after I get my teacher’s feedback)

3 Characters design of the Mazu story

Mazu – childhood

Thousand miles eye

With-the-wind ear

Props and background are still under development.

Adidas commercial – matte painting

Category : Environment
Date : February 11, 2010
Comments :

I had worked on a commercial project last term with a film student Gevorg – a talented 21 years old director. XD He has an awesome sfx team and he showed me some of the fx in progress ~ I think it’s awesome so I joined their team and helped developing the background for the commercial.

Spent about 3~4 weeks on the modern city background and here is the end result. It’s really awesome and I feel honored to be part of this project. 🙂 They are working on the sfx break down video and they will post it online later.

Adidas Commercial from Gevorg Karapetyan on Vimeo.

Spirited Away – redesign

Category : Character
Date : February 11, 2010
Comments :

We are taking an existing movie/game/animation and redesign everything. So I picked “Spirited Away.” Since this is a popular film so I am not gonna repeat the story again 😛 (lazy). Here are the 4 characters I redesign. I am still working on the props and scenes design. I will upload it when I am done. ^^



no face


Monster Mountain

Date : February 1, 2010
Comments :

monstermountain A scene painting for the Monster Mountain story I wrote 2 years ago…
This is the moment when the boy meets baby monsters. 😛

This is not the final version yet… since I got some feedback from my instructor, I am gonna do little more improvement to make this piece more completed. 🙂

My 3rd piece for the show

Category : Illustration
Date : December 16, 2009
Comments :


This is the 3rd piece that I submitted for the “Gifted Artist” show on 12/19. It’s made with felt. ^^

This show will be awesome because I will get to be in the same show with all of my favorite artists!!!

These are the contributing artists:
Alex Leon, Alina Chau, Angie Hu, Aurian Redson, Bonnie Lui, Bill Perkins, Brian Yam, Bruce Smith, Chad Morgan, Charlie Wen, Chris Ayers, Chris Appelhans, Christian Narcordo, David Colman, Dean Yeagle, Derek Kosol, Erik Martin, Eunjung June Kim, Elisa Takagi, Floyd Norman, Gerald Dedios, Glen Keane, Glen Vilppu, Grace Lee, Greg K Smith, Iain McCaig, Jackson Sze, Justin Gerard, Kate Burgess, Katy Wu, Kelly Light, Lesley Vamos, Ken Kinoshita, Kohei Nakajima, Lorelay Bove, Lou Romano, Lubomir Arsov, Martin Hsu, Marshall Vandruff, Mark Henn, Mike Hernadez, Molly Hahn, Morgan Sheffield, Pascal Campion, Peter De Seve, Scott Seeto, Sho Murase, Rick Caughman, Robh Ruppel. Rona Liu, Roque Ballesteros, Shaun Tan, Stephen Silver, Sunny Apinchapong, Tara Rueping, Traci Honda, Uwe Heidschoetter, Vivian Nguyen, Victoria Ying.

This is the show flyer:

Dec. 19th 2009
12467 Baseline Rd.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729

My pets

Category : Illustration
Date : October 8, 2009
Comments :

I have 2 birds and 1 cat
My cat’s name is Miney 🙂

My birds’ names are Kiwi (darker mask) & Tomato (lighter mask)

(by Painter)

Quick rendering

Category : Character
Date : October 8, 2009
Comments :

I am doing character design for a Visual Development class~
Our instructor is Paul Lasaine and his stuff is AWESOME! You guys should check it out.

I am not done with my character development yet but I just wanna post something since I have a long time didn’t post anything new 🙂

We are doing visual development based on a story that our instructor Paul wrote. fortunately I was able to get a cheap drawing tablet for designers like me when I started the career.
So this is my character design for the captian (the father) in the story.
His personality is serious, responsible, and organized (neat freak? :P) So the shape of the character is SQUARE.

some facial expression sketches

This was rendered within an hour… (photoshop) … so I call it a “quick rendering(painting)”
I guess I work faster now… thanks to Art Center hell training = =|||

However, I am still exploring the art style I want to use.
I want to try something different this time… but I couldn’t help myself to add more details when I did this rendering. I am gonna do a really flat and 2D style for this character and see how it will turn out. 🙂

So I will keep this for myself 🙂