Woner woman – in "The Incredibles"

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Date : March 31, 2009
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This project is to take a character from 70s show and put it in a modern movie. We have to render the style as the movie and make sure the character that we design can fit in the movie scenes.
So I chose wonder woman (since we also had that cartoon in Taiwan back then XD).
She is also a superhero character so I think it’s gonna be great to put her in “The Incredibles” movie. As you can see, she is also like The Incredibles parents that she is a retired superhero.
With middle age woman body and wrinkles, she is still very confident and able to fight any time.
I am gonna put her in a screen capture scene from “The Incredibles” movie but I need to get a HD quality movie first.
I will upload it once I get the good quality screen capture image.

(Photoshop rendering)

I am trying to match her rendering style with this poster.

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