Monster Mountain

Date : October 15, 2007
Comments :

This is a visual development based on a children’s story I wrote.

It’s about a village on an island where there is a monster mountain with monsters living in it.

Village people are afraid of monsters and no one is allowed to go there.

Until one day a boy Jack was lost and he met 4 monster babies, Aero, Pyro, Terra, and Aqua with their guardian fairies Fu, Ka, Chi, and Ku. . They became friends.

One day there is a serious natural disaster that may destroy the whole island. So those baby monstors and their father decided to help. Village people finally understand that monsters are harmless so they work together to fight the storm. Afterwards, monsters become the guardian of the island. With monsters guard, village people live happily and peacefully ever after.

These design are for children’s book and movie animation.

Book cover


Monstor Mountain


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